My first BirchBoxMan box showed up. BirchBox sends you sample sizes of skin and hair products every month for a flat rate. My girlfriend started getting them around Christmas and I signed up as soon as I heard that they were expanding into the men’s market. The men’s box is $20/mo, which is $10 more than the women’s. But my girlfriend doesn’t get socks, so I can justify the extra cost (I like socks, your mileage may vary). I think this is the first month of the service at all, but it’s definitely my first month using it.

In the order shown, here’s what was in the box:

  1.  A pair of Richer/Poorer socks (aqua with navy, white stripes) - I’ve heard of this brand but don’t own any of their products. Found them on the R/P website, where they retail for $12+S/H. Not a bad color and light enough to wear in the summer, I’m sure I’ll wear these to work.
  2. Kiehl’s “Ultimate Man” Body Scrub Soap, 3.2oz - Kiehl’s is a pretty recognizable name in skincare, and this stuff is for exfoliation - especially of areas that dry out easily, such as heels, elbows, etc. A 7.0oz bar retails for $14, which pegs this bar at about $6.50.
  3. Billy Jealousy “Liquid Sand” Facial Cleanser, 2 Fl oz - I’ve seen this brand in Men’s Health once or twice, looks like they graduated from the Maxim Magazine School of Public Relations (their motto: “men will buy anything advertised by women in bikinis”). This is basically an anti-aging face rinse, boasting improved “luminosity and elasticity” as well as natural hydration from Sunflower Glyercides. The ingredients look good - no alcohols or AHAs/BHAs. I couldn’t find this product on their website, but their stuff doesn’t come cheap - I’d put this around $7.50 retail.
  4. ZIRH Shave Gel, 0.23 Fl oz - another brand I’ve seen reviewed in men’s magazines. This is definitely a promotional size, so we’ll see how many uses I get out of it. Again the ingredients list looks good. This volume would retail around $0.70.

While the retail value of the products is over $20, I also get some value by not having to sift through every company’s site, deal with different shipping costs, or (most notably) having to invest in a full-size product, with the exception of the socks. If I try this stuff and am allergic or hate it or whatever, I’m not stuck with 99% of a full-size product.

Additionally, BirchBox offers a discount on orders of the full-size products through their website, as well as free shipping on full sizes of this month’s sample products. They were also thoughtful enough to throw in a style tip (The Perfect Pant Cuff) and an entry from their “Style Archives”.

I’m going to give the service at least 2 more months before I decide whether or not to continue my subscription - 3 boxes should be a sufficient sample size and $20/mo is a reasonable price for the contents. But this box exceeded my expectations, so it’s  looking good for BirchBox to be getting my money regularly.